Mark 14:35-36

And going a little farther, he fell on the ground and prayed that, if it were possible, the hour might pass from him. And he said, “Abba, Father, all things are possible for you. Remove this cup from me. Yet not what I will, but what you will.”

Many times I fall to my knees in prayer or worship, but then again many times I go through a day without recognizing my Savior and I don’t even notice the time I have not devoted to him. Time after time in my struggles with life I have to remind myself to make time for God, I have to remind myself that I am surrendered.

Right now my life seems to be like a game of tug-a-war. I am the tie in the middle of the rope and on one side is the devil or the material life and the other is God and all He has planned for me. The weight of the world and a lot of people I cross paths with are on the side with the devil tugging with all they have, telling me this and that aren’t bad things, and when I look to the other side and picture God with his arms crossed on his chest, and I imagine him saying ‘Well Cassie, I can’t make your choices for you, but you know the truth.’

In those times when I know the right thing to do but shrug it off and say there will be time for you tomorrow God, those are the times when I feel helpless, alone, broken, and that a part of me is missing. That is because a part of me is missing, I have set God like a book on the shelf and said maybe tomorrow; but then tomorrow will become tomorrow, to next week, and soon months will go by and I will be so off the path God had for me that I can’t see it any more.

That is where I stand today. I see my future, my ministry in Africa, and all the people I will one day help, but what about today. How am I going to walk in the direction God has for me. How am I going to remember everyday that God made me unique and special, that he sacrificed so much for this world. How will I learn to be with God like I am with my friends, or my phone, facebook, and the things of this world that catch me off guard? How will I remind myself that I am surrendered to the most perfect God?

Ha, I laugh because I know it isn’t just me. Everyone walks in and out of their relationship with God. It is a part of growing closer to him, but it is when I make the choice to not be with him that I am hurting myself and that choice I make far too often. So as of now, like I have said many times in my three and a half years of being a Christian, I will devote time to God everyday. I will continue to write through my journey of things God is teaching me, showing me, and of the things I have always knows but never stuck with them.

Today again I surrender my life fully to God, and daily I will surrender because I know I cannot go through this life  on my own, and the material world will not be any help to me in the long run, but God will always pull through. God will win the game of tug-a-war for many of us, hopefully all of us, but you have to keep your heart, mind, your life focused on him. For God is my strength and my refuge and when I turn and look towards the material world I am looking towards the devil and allowing him to come into my life and that weakens all I have built with God.

I challenge you today surrender your life to God maybe for the first time and maybe not, but do it knowing he created you, he has plans for you, and he will never leave you even when you leave him.